Thank you!

  • Posted on: 27 March 2015
  • By: Peter

As it often is, the generosity of our community was on full display this past weekend as the Island Institute hosted two big events. One was a retrospective, celebrating the work of recently retired Carolyn Servid and Dorik Mechau, looking back at the history of our organization. The second was an auction, a fundraiser to build the future of the Island Institute as we work to build on past programs to strengthen our community through story and conversation. 

30 Years Later, an article By Jeremy Pataky

Published this week over on the 49 Writers Blog, Jeremy Pataky wrote up this lovely article looking back at the Island Institute's history.

I watched the ferry chug off toward Alaska every week from Bellingham, Washington while I was in college. I loved northwestern Washington, and the proximity of the Canadian border twenty miles up the road. Every time I watched that blue ferry leave, though, magnetic bits inside me pulled for points north. 


Upcoming, Current, and Recent Residents

In Sitka May, 2015

During her month-long residency at the Island Institute, singer-songwriter Leah Abramson plans to work on a collaborative songwriting project that explores the lives of Pacific Northwest resident orcas.

In Sitka April, 2015
Our April 2015 Collaborative Residency featured Alice Crow and Ruby Murray, who met as members of the inaugural classes of the Institute of American Indi(genous)an Arts low-residency MFA program in creative writing. In between visits with writers at the Pioneer Home and Mt. Edgecumbe, along with research trips to the Sheldon Jackson Museum and Kettleson Memorial Library, Ali and Ruby worked on their respective writing projects. 
In Sitka February, 2015

Dr Jesse Blackadder is a previous Island Institute Fellow (from 2007). She is an author of award-winning adult and children’s novels with environmental themes, and an environmental journalist. Dr Carol Birrell is an academic, writer and environmental artist from the university of Western Sydney.