Sitka Fellows Application

Applications are now open for the 2015 Sitka Fellows Program, which will run from July 15-August 30. Deadline for applications is March 29th.
You can gain access to the Sitka Fellows Program application form by paying the Sitka Fellows Program application fee. IMPORTANT: You must register for an account on this site before paying. Registration takes seconds, and clicking "add to cart" will take you to a user registration screen. Once you pay, whenever you are logged in to our site you will see a link on the right hand side of the screen inviting you to edit your application. You can revisit the application at any time; it will no longer be available to you at the end of the day on March 29th. 

Our application form asks you to submit a Project Proposal for your time in Sitka along with a Personal Statement/Bio. We also ask for contact information and brief descriptions of two references. We also encourage you to provide a link that shows some of your work. 

*IMPORTANT: Please note that this program is available only to people under the age of 30. Our Resident Fellows Program, which is catered towards the literary arts, is available to people of all ages.